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  1. Bravo Class of 2020❣️

  2. So proud of you all! Fond memories of the little girls in 2015…..and look at you now! Congratulations today, best wishes and a lot of happiness for all of your tomorrows!

  3. whoooohoooo simply the best Class of 2020

  4. Well done Yr 12

  5. So proud of you all girls!!!

  6. Sweetheart,
    your Dad, Brother and I couldn’t be more proud of you as you continue your journey to crack this Nut called Life wide open.
    Congrats to YOU, for all your determination, courage and resilience (especially of late …)
    We know you have the strength and we will continue to support & provide the laughs & love.
    So here’s to:
    The late night and early morning study sessions,
    The learnings gained and experiences shared,
    The hardships that became your teachers,
    The tears shared, and the love and laughter you bring.
    Here’s to:
    Leaving space for the new & unexplored.
    Taking one step forward into the possibilities of everything that lies ahead
    Having courage over what’s known & certain
    And of course, Here’s to ALWAYS, Always doing the work…..
    Kiki you amaze us every day !!!! and YOU make us so proud xx

    Wishing you all the success in the world…

  7. I hope everyone has a great night

  8. Congratulations Class of 2020!

  9. So incredibly proud of you all! Wishing everyone the best for the coming years ❤️


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